The P Word isn’t only about the dogs we know or identify as “pit bulls”. It’s about the controversy, fear and emotion that is conjured up by muttering those 2 simple words. When someone says “akita” what happens...? “german shepherd”, “doberman pincher”, “rottweiler” or “chow”...?

All these breeds and several others are on various lists of dangerous dogs. But for some reason the only one that people fixate on are the “pit bulls”. They’re typically the only ones that make the headlines. The only ones overwhelming shelters nationwide. The only ones being targeted specifically, and occasionally completely banned, in cities and towns throughout the country and around the world.

The P Word is about continued positive change for BOTH pit bull type dogs and the communities they live in. Advocates have made great progress in the last 10+ years using non-emotional, knowledgeable, and compassionate advocacy strategies. The only way pit bull type dogs can truly be looked at as individuals, as a just another dog, and not be subject to mass discrimination - is through mass education. 

About the Speaker: Michelle Serocki founded the Brew City Bully Club in 2008 as a result of the discrimination and isolation she experienced as a pit bull owner. In July of 2009, her passion for ending dogfighting was born as a result of her time spent working at the largest dogfighting bust in United States history, now known as the Missouri 500. Over the last decade Michelle has specialized in both general pit bull advocacy and in working with dogfighting survivors at busts around the country and in her own community of Milwaukee, WI. Her love of writing and public speaking fuels her dedication to advocate for these widely misunderstood creatures. 

2019 P Word schedule:

January 13th Minneapolis, MN

January 26th Kenosha, WI

September 15th Sheboygan, WI

October 19th Green Bay, WI

October 26th Milwaukee, WI

Keep checking back to see if your city is on the list! 

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Why is there a need for a seminar about pit bull type dogs? Aren’t all dogs individuals? Aren’t dogs just dogs? 

Don’t we want to move away from labels? No special treatment for any particular breed or group of dogs…

In a perfect world we wouldn't need labels for anything. We'd all just sing Kumbaya around the campfire and exist in all our individual glory and greatness!

But we don't live in a perfect world... we live in the United States of America. And no one loves a good label more then an American! Sad, but true.

The "pit bull" label is especially in need of serious explanation and rehabilitation. It's the most misunderstood label in the canine community and one of the most within the general public.

So let's spread education, understanding, and compassion in the form of a seminar regarding a topic that begs to be explained...