Questions about surrendering a dog or finding a stray dog?

Brew City Bully Club does NOT accept owned or stray Pit Bulls. We receive dozens of calls and emails weekly from folks who cannot keep their pit bull type dogs. We're sorry we cannot help more than to offer the following information.

Reason folks tell us they cannot keep their pit bull vary, but typical reasons include the economy, housing problems and behavior problems.  So what can be done?

BCBC encourages you to work through the problem and keep your dog.  It's a part of your family.  

  • Try to examine or redo your budget and give up unnecessary things. 
  • Look for alternative places to live with your dog.  Ask friends, discussion boards, veterinarians, trainers if they have suggestions or recommendations you can try.
  • Contact a Force Free Trainer to work with you to modify your dog's behavior.  Many offer affordable private, in-home training that may be all you need to remedy and minimize behavioral problems.

It is said that 1 of every 600 Pit Bulls finds a dedicated forever home -
Please try to make your dog that 1!

Surrendering your Pet:
If you cannot make changes in your life to keep your pet, then you'll need to call you local humane society for guidance.  Do not believe the garbage you hear about human societies - call them and ask about their pit bull policies if you are unsure.  Our local Human Societies in Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties are all very pit bull friendly and fair.  They advocate for these dogs just like BCBC.  They are the very safest resource for your pet.  Here is the contact information for a couple of local Human Societies.  We do not have information other than this - we apologize and encourage you to call your local society and ask questions.

Wisconsin Humane Society - Contact them at:  414-ANIMALS (264-6257) or
Locations is Milwaukee, WI and serving the Milwaukee County area.  They also have an Ozaukee County campus. 

Humane Animal Welfare Society (HAWS) - Contact them at:  262-542-8851 or
Located in Waukesha, WI and serving the Waukesha County area.

Embrook Humane Society
- Contact them at: 262-782-3356 or

Located in Brookfield, WI and serving the Waukesha Country area.

Washington County Humane Society - Contact them at: 262-677-4388 or
Located in Slinger, WI and serving the Washington County area.

For Stray Animals:

In Milwaukee County:
Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission (MADACC) is the appropriate place for stray to go in Milwaukee County.  MADACC will make every effort to reunite the animal with its owner.  If an owner cannot be found after 7 days, the animal becomes MADACC's property.  The animal's behavior is evaluated and if the animal is eligible, placed on a transfer list for area animal rescues to pick it up.  MADACC does some foster and adoption of animals as well.  Going to MADACC is not a "death sentence" as many people would have the public believe.  Please use MADACC - it is the best Milwaukee County resource for stray animals. 

MADACC - Contact them at:  414-649-8640 or
Located in West Milwaukee, WI and serving Milwaukee County

In Waukesha County:
Humane Animal Welfare Society (HAWS) is the official stray animal facility for Waukesha County.  Please contact HAWS directly for more information at:  262-542-8851 or 
Located in Waukesha, WI and serving Waukesha County