The Brew City Bully Club was organized in 2008 with a vision, goals and dreams... One of the 10 year goals was to secure a property to use as a halfway house for the rescues we pull from Animal Control.

At the end of year 8 something miraculous happened.  A property that was far beyond our wildest dreams presented itself to us.  At first we thought there was no way our little organization could possibly secure this property.  But once we began thinking about all the good we could do at and through the "Rescue Retreat" - good that we deeply miss doing and want to do so very much - we decided to dig deep and see what could be worked out.  

We worked out a temporary lease to get our foot in the door.  If you haven't visited the Retreat yet you really should.  A small group of intensely dedicated volunteers worked 7 days a week for a couple months to get the place ready to move in.  We took occupancy on December 17th and pulled our first Retreat rescue a few weeks after.

It's time to launch our very first CAPITAL CAMPAIGN to purchase the property.  We need everyone to come together to do their part in raising $100,000!  Yes you read that right.  That's the correct amount of zeros.  
A property like this doesn't come cheap - but it's more than worth it.   

PLEASE be part of the future of the Brew City Bully Club.  Part of the Solution.  
Part of Changing Minds and Saving Lives 

Please do your part and pick a level of giving that suits you.  We ask that you make a 2 year commitment to that level so that we may raise all necessary funding within that 2 year time frame.

Making your level of giving into a MONTHLY donation allows you to choose a higher level.  Don't think you can afford to be an Animal Advocate at $500?  If you can give $40 a month then YOU CAN!
We recognize we're asking a lot.  This property is THAT important to pit bull type dogs, their owners and the public in our communities. 

As you can see above, we need you to be one of 308 supporters doing their part to make the dream of owning the Rescue Retreat a reality!

Email with questions.

Please pick a level of giving and make a generous donation on our crowdrise fundraising site today.

  Just as important is SHARING this site with 
friends, family and co-workers.  

The more people that see the fundraiser, 
the better chance we have of it going farther and raising more capital faster.

CLICK HERE to donate now!

The Rescue Retreat allows BCBC the opportunity to do more rescue, restart owner support groups, run urban youth camps, host large multi-rescue adoption events, additional health clinics, more humane education and more and more!

Make a one time donation to the 
Rescue Retreat Capitol Campaign!

  Buy a brick to pave the way!

We're selling memorial bricks to raise the capitol needed to purchase the property!

$100.00 donation 
4x8 engraved brick

$250.00 donation
8x8 engraved brick

$500.00 donation
12x12 engraved brick 

$25.00 extra for clip art

Click HERE to order online! 

Email questions to:
Dog with a Mustache will donate $10 of each sale to the BCBC Rescue Retreat Capitol Campaign!

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 Proceeds from our gear shop will help raise the capitol needed for us to purchase our dream property.  Shop to support now!

Take a peek at the cute video below!  We have come a long way from where we started, but there is still so much to do!

Our sincerest THANKS for all your support!  We need you now more than ever.  
Please make your very best donation in one form or another.  
YOU will be responsible for so much good in the lives of
 pit bull type dogs, and in our community!