Brew City Bully Club ... Changing Minds & Saving Lives

Formed in 2008, BCBC is a leader in southeast WI in advocacy and support of pit bull type dogs and their owners. 
We fulfill our mission by providing high-quality programs aimed at alleviating suffering of Milwaukee-area pit bull type dogs, encouraging and facilitating responsible, loving dog ownership and raising awareness for the 
positive potential of pit bulls as cherished pets in our communities. 


 Education is the foundation for all change.  For us to accomplish our mission, we must reach adults, teens, kids, pit bull owners, businesses and media with accurate
  information and Breed Ambassadors. 

Owners of pit bull type dogs frequently have difficulty finding help and often feel very isolated and alone. BCBC is committed to helping owners overcome obstacles. 


While BCBC focuses on prevention ... rescue and adoption efforts help keep us energized and focused on the dogs we love and work so hard for everyday.