Winter, summer, spring or fall ...
A well-trained dog makes life happy for all!

Did you know that dog training - such as obedience, socialization, active play and mental stimulation games - can make you AND your dog healthy and happy? Yes! Dogs love training and structure!

Looking for other training resources?

Check out the online Training and Resources available through Bad Rap!

The have high-quality, easy to read information and videos about topics like:
  • multi-dog homes,
  • socialization,
  • dog-to-dog interaction,
  • kids and dogs,
  • and much more!
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BCBC is proud to be working with Jennifer Pratt, CPDT-KA of Wag the Dog & Company.

Positively reinforced, well trained pit bull type dogs are a top priority to Jennifer.  No need for outdated dominance theories, prong collars or other disrespectful and harsh training.  Jennifer is able to transform you into the owner you want to be, which will in turn bring out all the potential that's currently hiding somewhere inside your precious pit bull.


Looking for other positive training options?

Visit Force Free Trainers of Wisconsin to find a trainer near you.

 The Force Free Trainers of Wisconsin (FFTW) is a membership group advocating for the physical, emotional and environmental well being of companion animals.

The FFTW is dedicated to training methods and techniques that focus on teaching animals by rewarding desired behaviors and exclude the intentional use of physical or psychological intimidation.


The FFTW members are passionate about education and take pride in collaborating with each other to help pets and their owners.