The breathtaking space and security of the BCBC Rescue Retreat allows us to help more dogs and their families. One way we are able to help is by offering Dog Days YEAR ROUND. This program allows pet parents to rent the yard for their dog to play, completely private! That means no other strange dogs will be around while you play. Don't have a pit bull type dog? NO PROBLEM! We welcome all dogs!

Dog Day Play Sessions allow our reactive, anti-social dog friends to let loose and have fun in a fenced in, private place. Social dogs benefit from a change in scenery with new sniffs and a gigantic place to run and explore! Does your dog have a doggie friend or two? Bring them to your play session for some extra fun! We have agility equipment to try out and hammocks to relax in during those warm summer months!

Play fetch, work on training, let them RUN! Watch them light up and have FUN! All 30 minute play times are scheduled and we are NOT able to take walk ins - you MUST schedule to reserve your time slot.

How Does it work?

  • Click the 'Schedule' button below.
  • View the available dates / times and choose which option works best for you.
  • Fill out the short form, review the liability waiver, and you are scheduled. A confirmation email will be provided with additional details.
  • Choose to pay when you book your play session or pay with Cash / Check when you come to your session.
  • Frequent Dog Day Player?! Sign up for our membership program! A $65 monthly donation provides unlimited play for the month! (Email for details)

rules and considerations

  • Your private  play session will not involve any strange dogs or people and there will no longer be volunteers present. You will need to monitor your own scheduled play time. This means you must also arrive and leave on time. Others are relying on you to make this safe for their dogs.
  • Scheduled play time is always 30 minutes (unless you book an hour). If you arrive 15 minutes late for a 30 minute play session you may not stay an extra 15 minutes. Play sessions are scheduled and we are often booked up. Please be on time and be kind to others using this service for their dogs.
  • If you arrive early and there's still another dog playing, please STAY in your car with your dog until they exit the yard and are back in their car.
There will no longer be volunteers present during your scheduled play time. This means we are relying on YOU to successfully and appropriately manage your SCHEDULED play time. We have dogs who use this service that are highly reactive and do not like other dogs, please be kind and courteous to those players by arriving and leaving on time.
DO NOT stay until the next person arrives if your scheduled time is up. There may not be anyone scheduled after you and we may be relying on you to leave on time so we can let the BCBC dogs outside.

Don't miss out on the fun!

Questions: Please email

Check out Dog Day Testimonials and Pictures Below!

"When I saw someone post about Dog Day Your Way, I was intrigued and excited. I have two dogs, one is a senior and one I call my special little challenge. Frankie, my hound had a hard start to his life and although I don’t know much, I know that he is very fearful of people he doesn’t know and wasn’t properly socialized AT ALL. When I first got him I tried taking him to a dog park and he barked at all of the people and got really upset, we both did. That visit lasted only about 5 min and it lasted that long because I had to chase after him to catch him, it was horrible and I accepted that he would be my first dog that can’t run off his energy at dog parks.  Dog Day Your Way gives my hound a chance to run and be a dog for the first time in years, of course I walk him and he runs around the backyard but he doesn’t get the confidence builder or chance to just be a dog off leash in a large space. My senior dog loves it too, she can explore and run if she wants without her brother bothering her. Dog Day Your Way have become my FAVORITE activity to do with my dogs and I am so happy and grateful to Brew City Bully Club for offering up their facility and recognizing this special need for reactive dogs." - Jackie Spinella

"It has been a hugely beneficial experience for us. Brew City Bully Club gets reactive dogs. The experience is risk free and shockingly efficient. Dogs and owners remain in their cars until the previous guests have exited the play area and are safely in their car. As a result dogs never cross paths, meaning reactive dog owners can breathe a sigh of relief and just enjoy a day out  (which, if you've owned a reactive dog, you know is an absolute blessing). My extremely active, athletic, and reactive shepherd has found a safe, fun place to run free and smell and play to his heart's content."                 -Rebecca Robinson