The 100% Model
We're making a bold promise to the general public.
100% of public donations will go directly to funding our programs.

So how DO we pay for organizational growth?  We depend on private donors and sponsors to cover everything from staff expenses to printed materials to office equipment and supplies.  These donors are some of our most dedicated. Their investment supports the behind-the-scenes work to fulfill our mission, our ability to expand as an organization and our dedication to using 100% of public donations for funding our programs.  We also cover our operating expenses through business donations, in-kind donations, funds raised at BCBC events and our Gear Shop.  

The Club:

Our goal to use 100% of public donations for programming is ambitious.  To support our organizational growth, we bring together a like-minded community of business people and philanthropists to fund our operating budget on a regular basis.  The Club is a membership program where donors give a set amount to our operating costs each month with an automatic payment.  Their support paves the way for us to do what many say is impossible:  scale the organization using 100% of our public donations to change the future for people and pit bulls in Southeast Wisconsin and beyond!

Learn more and join The Club today.