The PIT CREW is responsible for keeping the organization running & moving forward.

From donating, to volunteering, to representing in our gear (great marketing btw)... your support, dedication and commitment are second to NONE!

Donating has Never Been Easier!

It's just a click or two away!  From purchasing from the dogs Amazon Wish List to a monthly EFT withdrawal... no matter how you donate, the dogs benefit!  Learn all of the different ways you can help!

So, you want to volunteer?

GREAT!  There are many ways that you can lend a helping hand!  Educational booths, raising funds, rescue or maybe you're a photographer looking to build your portfolio!  Head to the Volunteer page for more information!


A favorite way to support the BCBC... by SHOPPING! 

Shop with great companies and support BCBC!  From Clothing to books, Tutu's to paintings, we've got generous and unique affiliates!  Get shopping!