One of the reasons the BCBC was originally formed was because the founders felt so alone.  Sometimes friends and family didn't want to visit because they were uncomfortable with Capone, the K9 Founder of the BCBC.  He had behavioral issues and was reactive to other animals, but no one was willing to help.  

Although things have gotten better in the past 8 years, we still meet owners all the time that are going through these exact same things.  Our Owner Support programs aim to offer resources and relief.

The Rescue Retreat isn't just for rescue dogs!  Every pit bull type dog we've met needs a 'retreat' now and then.  Especially since dog parks aren't the best place for our blocky headed besties that need continuous socialization so badly...

Spaying and neutering is one of the most effective ways to be part of the solution.  Pit bull overpopulation is at epidemic proportions.  The vast majority of dog needing rescue are pitties.  The problem boils down to basic math - too many dogs and not enough homes.  Spay and neuter is the only way to fix this problem.

BCBC Pups For Life program supports pet owners by offering low to no cost:  Collars ** Leashes ** Treats ** Vaccinations ** Microchips ** Spay/neuter services ** Care/Training Advice.  Our up-coming Pups For Life Health Clinics will be advertised, and all resources are first come, first served.