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Let the world know how your dog inspired you to be Part of the Solution.  

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Capone is the K9 Founder of the Brew City Bully Club.  He changed countless minds for years before the BCBC ever started.  He overcame his dog aggression to welcome a furry sister and brother into his home in 2009.  He loved everyone he ever met, but none as much as his family.  He left a lick on every face he possibly could.  Capone became a Certified Therapy dog in 2010 and was a Breed Ambassador for the BCBC who visited schools and hospitals as often as he could.  Capone loved cheese almost as much as a great stick on sunny afternoon. 



This is Nola, my Katrina rescue, and the beginning of my new life in rescue. She remains my heart dog. I was lucky to have her for 8 joyful years, a day never went by without a smile plastered on my face because of her.



I rescued Meatloaf in 2004 as a single guy with no attachments. He immediately became my best buddy and over the next 10 years he graciously, if sometimes begrudgingly, accepted a wife and 3 kids into our brood. Be it allowing a little girl to dress him in butterfly wings, being a little boys steed, chasing monsters away for the baby, or alerting me in the dead of night when "our" wife had gone low due to her Type 1, he was always there. And although it's been nearly 3 weeks since he left us I know that my "bubbas" will never truly be gone. 
I love you old man. Rest well. 

Diamond & Tank

Diamond (black pit bull) and Tank (brindle pit bull) came into our lives 15 years ago as puppies. Over the past 15 years, they have brought absolute joy to our home. Despite, Diamond being the alpha dog over Tank and Tank eating the walls, they both gave each other and our family unconditional love. Diamond loved watching squirrels, bossing Tank around and Diami especially loved cuddling under the blankets.  Tank loved playing with ropes, jumping into the shower, and Tankie really loved kissing, especially his mom and babies. 
Diamond and Tank will be missed and they will live furever in our hearts.

Diamond went to Rainbow Bridge on 
March 28th, 2014 
Tank went to Rainbow Bridge on 
December 9th, 2014.


"A southern bully at heart, I was originally found roaming the streets of Savannah, GA by my momma, Kait, and my daddy, Sam. They took me straight home and gave me the best life a homeless boy like me could dream up. It was really hard for them to let me go at my young age but sometimes we are dealt a bad card. I know I live on in their hearts as well as my sister, Abby's, and I know they will continue to fight for lives of handsome, pitty pups like me." 


Xander came to us by divine providence on August 23, 2015. I found him for sale on a social media page and was concerned for him. After he arrived, we couldn’t seem to part with him. He became part of my daughter’s family and I was able to keep him in my life. He loved to walk in parades with Brew City Bully Club, swim and meet anyone that would greet him.  With his happy smile and wagging tail, he made lots of friends and was loved by many.  He left us too soon on January 3, 2017.  He will be missed by his furry friends and his family. Run free Xander, until we see you again. Love you Xander.  

 Amy Taylor, Jasmine and Brent Mayek
and family. 

Marlin "The Mooch"

Marlin was rescued by the Brew City Bully Club from the largest dogfighting bust in United States history.  He became part of the Serocki family the week before Christmas of 2009.  Marlin overcame the horrors he endured to become a Breed Ambassador for the BCBC who visited at risk youth to teach them about the true face of dogfighting.  He was a hit everywhere he went.  He loved to fetch and tug and dig.


Luda "Luda-Lu" Russell

Luda was the best dog ever.  We say that with a biased opinion, of course.  Luda loved everyone.  From small to big dogs, from strong to frail people. 

He fought a long battle with cancer.  Undergoing weekly chemo treatments, he was never "sick" a day in his life.  He was the beloved boyfriend of our girl Jada, and a loyal companion to us. 

At 10 years old, Luda lost his battle with cancer, after 1.5 years in remission. The pain will never leave us, but much stronger, is the memory. We love you so much, Luda.  You will always be with us...    


Dottie had been found tied-up with no food or water and had been beaten along with burn makes from cigarettes; she joined our family in November 2000.

She was enrolled in Doggy daycare in 2001, 2 days a week and loved playing with all of the other dogs.Of course every Friday we would stop at Dairy Queen for an ice cream.  Our grandchildren loved to play & at night she would snuggle up to one of them if they stayed over, if not then she slept in our bed.

My Dottie was a rescue and yes we saved her but in all honesty she saved us.  To have her love so unconditionally all the time is amazing and now that she has passed my life has a big void in it.

I could not have asked for a better, more loving and gentle dog and yes, she was a Pit.  All she wanted was to be loved and to love, she was more than my dog, she was a daughter.  

Dottie went to the Rainbow Bridge on 

June 25th, 2015.


I had the blessing of knowing Chance through Brew City Bully Club this last summer. He was a sweet boy in need of lots of love. He received it.

Chance helped me see what rescue is about and that we can all make a difference in our world.  You will be missed always and I am so glad
I got to spend time with you.

I look forward to seeing you again one day, run free from this world in peace.

Thank you Brew City Bully Club for all you do.

                                   -Amy Taylor


Your soft eyes spoke volumes.
Your gentle presence gave us strength.

Your calm companionship
eased our chaos.

Your warmth remains
in our hearts forever.

Thank you for making us yours.

 Max Kuehl


Adopted from the Washington County Humane Society as a happy healthy adult. He spent the prime of his life loving his family and changing many minds along the way. His one true love in this world was his mamma Meghan. He would do anything to be at her side - weather it was making her feel safe at night in bed or helping in the kitchen while she prepared dinner he was always with her. He was a true member of the family and loved by everyone that met him. Miss you Barty boy! "

Diablo "Little Man"

Diablo was found roaming the streets of the north side of Milwaukee, at just 5 months.  We took him in as one of our own, as his owner never came forth and he wasn't chipped.

Diablo was a sweet puppy.  He was not "little" at 72lbs, but the nickname stuck. He was taken from us way too soon, at just 11 months old.  He will always be in our hearts.  Always... 


Tabitha Tuxedo Rose Borchert  02/10/04-07/06/15
I brought Tabitha home from the Wisconsin Humane Society on 12/26/04.  She was a hellion and wrecking ball that first year or so, but I refused to give up on her and she turned out to be such an easy, great dog. Recently Tabitha stopped eating and became very lethargic.  I took her to the vet and the diagnosis was most likely a tumor on the heart that was leaking. During the course of the morning her breathing became more labored and her stomach swollen.  I had to make a decision very quickly, which makes it even harder as she was never sick. She loved me, my family (and canine cousins) and friends, and her two doggy brothers.  She loved to be outside in the yard. 

 I will miss my puppy girl Tabs...
Until we meet again.


Penny was my first pit bull type foster dog. She opened my eyes to how unfair the dog world is to pit bulls. She was the smartest, most resilient, and affectionate dog I've ever met, yet when strangers saw her dog aggression, it would confirm every nasty stereotype people were looking to confirm. Working with trainers for a year and making huge progress, I found my passion for dog training and proving all those people wrong. Bear and I will miss her forever but never forget what she taught us.
-Anne Baldwin