The BCBC Rescue Retreat allows us to help so many more pit bull type dogs and their owners! One new way we are able to help is by offering Dog Days YEAR ROUND! BCBC Dog Days provide a safe and structured place for pit bulls and their owners to gather and socialize! Don't have a pit bull? NO PROBLEM! We welcome all types of dogs!

Dog Day Play Sessions allow our reactive, anti-social dog friends to let loose and have fun in a safe, private place... as well as allow our social dog friends to meet new friends and socialize in a safe, supervised setting.

Dog Days will eventually consist of 2 options:  'Dog Day Your Way' which allows you to rent the yard for yourself and your pup(s). Other Dog Days will be dedicated to 'Social Dog Play Groups', allowing your dog to connect and play with new friends!

Play fetch, work on training, let them RUN! Watch them light up and have FUN! All 30 minute play times are scheduled and we are NOT able to take walk ins - you MUST schedule to reserve your time slot.

Dog Day Options:

Dog Day Your Way - Rent the play yard for your dog! This option is perfect for reactive dogs (no other strange dogs will be around) or those that just want some solo time! If your dog does well with house mates or another dog friend, they can come too!

Dog Social Play Groups - *COMING SOON!

Semi-Social Play Groups - *COMING SOON!

(*We are not running social dog play groups yet. We will have multi dog play groups coming in late Spring, 2017!)

We appreciate your patience while we iron out play group details and volunteer needs!

How Does it work?

  • Click the 'Schedule Now' button below.

  • View the available dates / times and choose which option works best for you! (Only weekend options are available during winter months)

  • Fill out the short form and you are scheduled! 

  • A confirmation email will be sent along with a reminder email 48 hours from the scheduled play session.

  • A Liability Waiver will need to be signed and a $15 donation will need to be provided upon arrival.

Don't miss out on the fun!

Questions: Please email