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Brew City Bully Club focuses primarily on prevention through education and outreach based programs.  But we can't live out RESCUE!

The BCBC Rescue Program is designed to place our top notch Breed Ambassadors with top notch Adoptive Families.  BCBC Alumni work hard to spread the good word at events, awareness walks, and more!

Owning a pit bull requires a proper environment, attention, and owner commitment. In order to ensure a proper fit between dog and owner, BCBC requires all potential adopters to review our Adoption Guidelines and meet ALL of our criteria before adopting through BCBC.


Meet BCBC K9 Alumni who have found their forever homes through loving owners and BCBC's help.

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Brew City Bully Club Adopt-a-bulls!

Meet sweet Nelly! This little pocket pittie is BURSTING with lots of love to give her new family! Nelly is a shadow and loves to be around her people all day, every day! Cooking in the kitchen? You'll have an assistant! Chilling on the couch? Snuggle buddy! Walking in the neighborhood? You'll have a friend to walk with! Taking a shower? She might hop in! Nelly loves her people! Nelly will need a patient family that understands it'll take a bit for her to settle into a new routine, she was left alone in her previous life so change may be challenging for her. While Nelly does have doggie friends, she'll need a more laid back dog that'll help her feel at ease during their first couple meetings. All around, Nelly is a sweet and sensitive soul looking for a family to call her own, in return she'll shower you with love, laughs,and great times!

Meet Astrid! This sweet girl is 10 months old and is on the lookout for a home of her very own! Astrid is a shy girl that needs a very special home that understands her and will keep her feeling safe. Astrid is very afraid of strangers, so she’ll need an understanding family that’s willing to take things slow. Once she gets to know you, she’s a typical goofy, fun loving puppy! She loves to play and play, and play, and play! She loves a good game of fetch and once she’s tired out, she’ll snuggle up on the couch to watch your favorite show! Astrid would not do well in a home with children, however would enjoy a doggie brother or sister and does well in the company of cats!

Meet Amelia! Amelia is roughly 4 years old and hasn't had the best 2019 so far. She started out as a stray that was struck by a car, causing the loss of her back leg. That didn't slow her down at all though - she popped back up after surgery and carried on with life! Like most of our dogs, Amelia is searching for an extra understanding home that gets that she carries some baggage. Amelia would do well in a family with other dogs, however she guards her resources so no young children for her! Amelia is more of an independent, happy go lucky pup! She enjoys sun bathing and snuggling up on the couch at night, or just doing her own thing in her bed at night - she also LOVES swimming! Let's chat more about this stunning beauty!

You have to meet this amazingly handsome, smooshy faced pup named Auggie! Auggie is roughly 2 - 3 years old and hasn't met a person he hasn't liked! Auggie is a FUN pup, he LIVES to play ball and he'll splash around with the water hose all day! Have we mentioned how photogenic this pup is?! Oh my! He's still working on understanding personal space, so currently his favorite place to sit is ON your lap! Best position for snuggling! Auggie is pretty indifferent to other dogs and doesn't seem to like to play much so he'll need a laid back, easy going playmate if he's to share his house with another dog. Auggie would do well with older kids, but will have to pass on kids ages 5 and younger.

Brew City Bully Club SOON to be Adopt-a-bulls

Meet Petunia!

Our delicate flower is scared of everything and everyone! She's settling into the Retreat and from there we'll work on making the world not so scary!

Meet Nex!

This love bug is settling into his foster home and won't be available for adoption for a few weeks yet!

Meet Bango!

Our love bug #2 is also settling into his foster home and will be available for adoption in a few weeks!

Want to Adopt a BCBC Dog? Yes?! Cool!

Read through the step by step instructions below and then Fill out an Adoption Application Today!

What is the BCBC adoption process like?

Below is a step by step guide!

1.  Review BCBC’s  Adoption Guidelines

2.  Review and complete the Online Adoption Application. Use this application to impress us! We have high standards for our dogs and higher standards for our adopters!

3.  A BCBC Rep will review your application and will contact you within ONE WEEK to set up a meet and greet with the dog of your choice and your whole family. This will allow you to get to know our dog better and will give your current animals a chance to meet the Adoptable and make sure everyone gets along!

4.  If everyone falls in love at the meet and greet, you would be invited to keep the dog in your home under our Foster to Adopt contract and the dog will be marked as “Adoption Pending”. We would schedule a time for a Home Visit / Foster to Adopt drop off.

5.  Once the dog is responding well to your family and pets, the dog’s training is coming along and everyone is comfortable with the match, we would schedule a time to come to your home and finalize the adoption! This includes signing an adoption contract and providing the adoption donation of $200.

6.  You become part of the BCBC Family! You'll be invited (and encouraged) to attend various events, outreach booths, parades, and other opportunities with your Breed Ambassador to help Change Minds and Save Lives!

*Please note the BCBC wholeheartedly believes in Positive Reinforcement Training. We hope that your training philosophies align with ours - or that you are open to learning more! Below is an excellent article titled "What is Positive Training" - please take some time to review it. It's very important to us that our adopters don't use any punitive training methods on our dogs. 

 What is Positive Training?

Click Here for More Information! 

Adoption Information or Questions?

Thank you for your interest in and support of BCBC adoption efforts! Your message is important, and we will respond as soon as possible. We are a small, but dedicated staff and want to provide you a quality response. Thank you in advance for your patience!